Norfolk Schools Athletics Records

Schools Championships Best Performances

Over the years athletes from Norfolk have made their mark at English Schools track and field championships. Up until 2014 four championship records were held by Norfolk athletes.

Oliver Bradfield set a junior boys javelin best performance in 2010 when he threw the 600g javelin out to 61.28 m. Also in 2010 Sophie McKinna put the shot out to 15.08m. This is likely to stand for some time since the ESAA have decided that the intermediate age group (under17) should now use the 3kg shot rather than the 4kg one that Sophie used.

There are records within records back in 1971 Kevin Steere set an intermediate boys 3000m record of 8m 20.0 secs. This still stands and is the oldest record on the books. Michael Painter set a senior boys hammer record at Birmingham in 2013 of 71m 32. It was beaten in 2014 and therefore is one of the shortest standing records.

Junior Girls

100m 12.3s P. Baker (NC) 1976
200m 26.2s S. Green (GY) 1972
800m 2m 20s C. Hall (SE) 1993
1500m 4m 54.7s A.Durand   2017
75m Hurdles 11.4s L. McGuire (GY) 2001
4 x 100m Relay 52.6s Great Yarmouth   1969
High Jump 1.65m C.Everitt (ND) 1993
Long Jump 5.37m E.Brown   2017
Discus (1kg) 28.28m J. Punchard (EN) 1970
Javelin (600gm) 39.48m L. McDonald (SE) 2009
Shot (3.25kg) 11.97m K. Southgate (S) 2002
Hammer (3.0kg) 45.58m L. Koenigsberger   2016

Intermediate Girls

100m 12.1s C. Stephenson (NC) 2010
200m 25.1s C. Stephenson (NC) 2010
300m 41.4s H. Brown (WN) 2014
800m 2m 14.6s K. Caldwell (WN) 1984
1500m 4m 47.6s C. Fisher (WN) 1992
3000m 10m 32.8s J. Moss (WN) 1994
80m Hurdles 12.0s H. Smith (WN) 1998
300m Hurdles 45.0s K. Clarke   2014
4 x 100m Relay 52.0s Great Yarmouth   1970
High Jump 1.65m
E. Roper
R. Colchester
R. Bell
M. Obideyi
Pole Vault 3.2m S. Birrell (SE) 2012
Long Jump 5.46m
S. Attew
E. Davis
Triple Jump 11.00m S. Bishop   2015
Discus (1kg) 34.69m A. Hooks (NC) 1965
Hammer (4kg) 50.64 L.Koenigsberger   2017
Javelin (600gm) 41.21m L. McDonald (SE) 2010
Shot (4kg) 14.30m S. McKinna (GY) 2010

Senior Girls

100m 12.0s P. Baker (NC) 1979
200m 25.2s R. Kirby (NC) 1986
400m 58.3s E. Nicol (GY) 1972
800m 2m 14.3s S. Cundy (NC) 1984
1500m 4m 37.0s C. Lavers (NC) 1984
3000m 10m 13.7s C. Fisher (WN) 1993
1500m Steeplechase 5m 27.0s M. Beckett   2013
100m Hurdles 15.4s K. Booth (WN) 1974
400m Hurdles 65.9s H. Macgrath (NC) 1999
4 x 100m Relay 52.8s Norwich City   1986
High Jump 1.63m H. Phillips (NC) 1985
Pole Vault 3.0m S. Birrell (NC) 2013
Long Jump 5.61m R. Kirby (NC) 1986
Triple Jump 11.02m S. Bishop   2017
Discus (1kg) 36.24m G. Bird (EN) 1970
Hammer (4kg) 43.66m M. Rushmore   2014
Javelin (600gm) 41.80 E. Jamieson (NC) 2015
Shot (4kg) 12.86m A. Howard (NC) 1996

Junior Boys

100m 11.7s S. Woodhouse (ND) 1993
200m 23.79s K. Hewitt (NC) 2007
300m 38.6s A. Amimba   2014
400m 51.4s A. Pitt (MN) 2010
800m 2m 6.6s N. Chesworth (NC) 1989
1500m 4m 16.9s S. Jones (NC) 1975
80m Hurdles 12.2s J. Marshall (MN) 1977
4 x 100m Relay 49.2s West Norfolk   1984
High Jump 1.80m P. Beales (WN) 1971
Pole Vault 2.90m J. Prosser (SE) 1988
Long Jump 6.04m O. Bradfield   2010
Triple Jump 12.51m J. Lee (ND) 1984
Discus (1.25kg) 40.40m D. Bruce-Lockhart (NN) 1976
Hammer (4kg) 54.33m M. Painter (ND) 2011
Javelin (600gm) 65.87m O. Bradfield (N) 2010
Shot (4kg) 13.40m T. Weber (MN) 2007

Intermediate Boys

100m 10.9s J. Shipp (EN) 1992
200m 22.4s D. Burnham   2013
400m 49.3s E. Holland   2014
800m 1m 57.9s D. Gregory (NC) 1987
1500m 4m 4.4s S. Flint (SN) 1977
3000m 8m 56.0s D. Mead (SN) 1984
100m Hurdles 14.1s J. Burgess (GY) 1970
400m Hurdles 57.4s N. Chesworth (NC) 1977
4 x 100m Relay 45.0s
West Norfolk
Norfolk County
High Jump 2.0m C. Baker (MN) 2007
Pole Vault 3.61m F. Baker (MN) 2004
Long Jump 6.64m T. Roe (NC) 1998
Triple Jump 14.37m W. Matsuka Williams (ND) 2016
Discus (1.5kg) 47.73m M. Painter (ND) 2011
Hammer (5kg) 65.38m M. Painter (ND) 2011
Javelin (700gm) 62.66m O. Bradfield   2012
Shot (5kg) 14.72m M. Painter (ND) 2011

Senior Boys

100m 10.8s M. Woodhouse (SE) 1993
200m 22.0s D.Burnham   2016
400m 49.0s K. Ullyat (NC) 1989
800m 1m 54.1s D. Heath (WN) 1984
1500m 3m 55.9s P. Dennis (NC) 1969
3000m 8m 4.6s J. Rix (NC) 1988
110m Hurdles



J. Gathercole

C. Roberts





400m Hurdles 57.0s N. Green (GY) 1980
2000m Steeplechase 6m 15.5s S. McGibbon (MN) 1993
4 x 100m Relay 44.8s West Norfolk   1972
High Jump 2.05m D. Costello (NC) 1981
Pole Vault 4.20m J. Palmer (NC) 1995
Long Jump 7.20m R. McLachlan   2015
Triple Jump 14.81m J. McLachlan   2014
Discus (1.75kg) 47.51m O. Massingham   2017
Hammer (6.25kg) 71.08m C. Brown (N) 2012
Javelin (800gm) 68.16m T. Newenham (NC) 1988
Shot (6.25kg) 14.21m J. Thorne (NC) 1981